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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colorful World ?

We are a SHINee fic fest. We offer prompting and claiming service for wonderful fic ideas regarding our five shining stars and publish them in our community.

Wait. What is a fic fest?

A fic fest is a writing community where people leave ‘prompts’ for writers who ‘claim’ the ideas and generate a fanfic out of it.
There is a given schedule in which prompting, claiming and writing has to be done.
All fics will be gathered by the mods and posted to this community during ‘posting time’. All fills will be anonymous at first before the ‘reveal post’ in which every writer and prompter will be revealed if they do not wish to stay anon.

What do prompters do?

Prompters leave their ideas via a google form (provided by us, the mods) so any interested writer can grab it and fulfil the prompters ‘needs’.

What do writers do?

They claim the prompt they like via a google form (provided by us, the mods) and write a fic to it. This has to be done in a certain time frame which the fic fest is based upon.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has an E-mail address and at least one social network account!

Can I prompt more than once?

Yes! As much as you like!

Can I claim more than one prompt?

Yes, you can, but please keep in mind that you have to hand in your first work before you can claim another.

Do I need to prompt if I want to claim?

No. You can prompt and choose not to write as well as not prompt but claim anyway. Of course you can do both!

Do you provide a beta service?

No. Every participant is responsible for their work on their own. Feel free to ask a friend to proofread for you as long as the friend doesn’t reveal your participation on social networking accounts!

What if I can’t meet the deadline?

If you know you won’t be able to hand in your work in time, please contact us and either ask for an extension or ask to drop out of the fest. In any way please, please inform us if you have any time management problems.

What is an informal check-in?

Informal check-in means that you do not have to send in your current word document. Instead, we simply ask for a picture of your current word count, your prompt number and a small summary to your fanfic. Please send us an E-mail including these things by the date of the check-in!

What are the Ratings?

G: General audience, appropriate for all ages. Therefore, no violence, nudity, any sensual/sexual activity, drug and/or alcohol use, and language beyond polite conversation are allowed under this rating.
PG: Parental guidance is suggested for readers age 12 and under. Stories in this category may contain very mild language, limited concepts of violence.
PG-13: Parental guidance is advised for readers age 12 and under. Stories in this category may contain moderate language and more advanced themes of violence, themes of sensuality or sexuality, and other similar content including brief or implied nudity of a non-sexual nature, and drug/alcohol use by adults.
R: Parental warning of adult themes and content. Stories in this category may contain strong language including some profanity of a sexual nature, advanced themes of violence, advanced sensual or sexual situations, implied sexual activity, drug and/or alcohol use or abuse by adults, and other similar content.
NC-17: Stories in this category may contain extreme language, forms of extreme violence, explicit and graphic sexual activity, and drug and alcohol use of underage characters.

What is the time schedule of R(ound)2?

27th August: prompting starts
24th September: prompting ends
26th September: claiming starts
23rd October: Informal check-in
5th December: submission day
11th December - 17th December: posting period
18th December: reveals
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